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[Game] WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons (VR)

WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons
WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons

Description WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons:

A girl awakens in a certain P.E. storage room.
It is the scene of maddening pleasure torture.

* Real-time 3D
This game delivers high quality vissuals rendered in real-time 3D
Play using intuitive camera controls fitting the real-time nature of the game
Can be played in VR or without VR

* Localization
Conversation scenes: Japanese voices + English text
Play scenes: Japanese voices only
UI: English
Manual: English

* Automatic motions
COmpletely random character movements created by automatically triggered motions
In addition, automatic camera and position change mechanics create a visual presentation that never repeats

* Varied play through combinations
Use any of the 3 characters for the active role, the passive role or for humiliation.
Lesbian play, futanari play and reverse rape are all possible, and the voices adapt to fit the situation.

* Rich content
2 girls and 1 guy are included. Each of them can be fully clothed, half-naked or fully naked.
For people who don’t want a personal representation, a semi-translucent substitute is available
There are 9 situations, featuring cowgirl position, missionary position, doggy style, fingering, cunnilingus, fellatio, handjobs, wands and vibrators.

* Auto play feature
By using auto play you can treat this game as a movie.
A simple AI allows you to create your favorite scenes.

* 2 game modes
A scenario mode focused on game rules.
A free play mode that gives you maximum freedom.

* VR
Fully playable in VR! The best part of this game is seeing life-sized characters having sex in front of you.
The setting was changed to winter for maximum immersion. The girls’ breath will brush against the player.
Supported HMDs: OculusRiftCV1 HTC Vive
Can be controlled by moving the OculusTouch or VIVE controllers (mouse controls are also available)

* ImagineGirls
The 3 ImagineGirls characters are available in free play (voices are the same as for the other characters).

* Electrical masturbators
Supports the CycloneX10

The masturbator responds to the movement of the characters.

* Mod tools
You can enjoy Writhing Play with your own models or models obtained from the Internet.
You can create new characters or voices using Unity or the included mod tools.
It is simple enough that even those unfamiliar with Unity should be able to do it. For details:

CPU: intel core i3 or better (for the VR version a corei5-4590 or later)
Memory: 4.0GB or more
HDD: at least 1.5GB free
VIDEO: GeForce GTX460 or better (for the VR version a GeForceGTX970 or later)
directx 11.0 or later

– How to migrate existing save data to a re-downloaded copy
Copy your existing save data into the folder shown below.
For the VR version:
  • Original title: ライジングプレイ
  •  Language:  , Japanese
  •  Developer: Robi
  •  Release: Dec/28/2015
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 482MB

Download WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons Free:

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WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons WRITHING PLAY Ver.1.33 + 2 Add-ons
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