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[Game] Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)

Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)
Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)

Description Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国):

• Supported Operating Systems:
– Windows 7 or higher.
– Android 5.0 or higher.

• Contains:
Impregnation, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Prostitution, Creampies, Blowjobs, Titjobs, X-Ray View, and more.
This game does not feature combat or characters falling in love.

• The following features can be toggled on or off:
– X-Ray View
– Dark nipples
– Birth scenes
– Postpartum belly flab

• Recommended for pregnancy lovers who want to play as a woman and help increase the population.

• Warning:
This games features depictions of menstruation, morning sickness, and graphic childbirth.
Also, do not expect a spectacular story.

# e1.6.5
## modding
– Added alias composeAllJSON() to allComposeJSON().

# e1.6.4
## fixes
– Couldn’t apply nail polish if Hazumi only have black or white nails.
– If you show the text log while displaying the choices with help texts, an error occurred.
This fix may cause new bugs when displaying messages..
– When displaying the text log during active prostitution, the time remaining window was disappeared.
This fix may cause new bugs when CG displaying..

## modding
– Increased the maximum length of RPG maker MV database arrays.
– Display_CG.SpriteCG.prototype goes out global scope.
– Scene_Erostatus Window_Karte.prototype, Window_Back.prototype go out global scope.
– StandDisplay.SpriteStand.prototype goes out global scope.
– Enchantment_mobs.mobSelect goes out global scope.
– iPoneStyleMenu Window_AP, Sprite_Icon.prototype, Sprite_SubsetCaption go out global scope.
– DatabaseOverwriter.overwrite.prototype goes out global scope.

# e1.6.2
## fix
– Adjusted texts of Official_mods for v1.6.

# e1.6.1
## fix
– Adjusted the code in Mod_reader.js.

# e1.6.0

ver1.6 changes:

There is no longer an alert when mods are conflicting.
Modders can continue to check in console.error().

it was inconvenient to have two folders for installing mods, I integrated them into the “PPLSS/www/mods” folder.
Both js-mod and database-mod will be read automatically should you put them in “www/mods”.

And therefore “js/mods” and “data/mods” folders have been removed.
It is compatible with 1.4 and 1.5, so players can use it by creating each folders.

Added The allComposeJSON() command.
You can use it to view databases created by other modders on your RPG maker MV editor.

# e1.5.8.
## add.
– Added allComposeJSON() command to Mihil_DatabaseDecomposer.js. All database objects($dataXXX) can be output.

# e1.5.7
## fixes
– Translation of untranslated parts by Feunski.
– Adjusted the appearance frequency of some lines.

# e1.5.6
## fixes
– Even though Hazumi took a bath, there were times when the “I should take a bath~” message was displayed.
– If Hazumi has no money and gets a beauty treatment, the game cannot progress.
  • Original title: はづみと子作りの国
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: Mihiraghi
  •  Release: Dec/01/2018
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 884 MB

Download Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国) Free:

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Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)

Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)

Hazumi and the Pregnation ver.1.6.5 (はづみと子作りの国)

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