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[Game] Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)

Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)
Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)

Description Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり):

[Click Development!]

Use a plethora of tools and appendages to sexually develop Eva,
and see her reactions in real time every time you click!
Use your hand, tongue, tentacles, sex toys, genitals…
Her reaction will change depending on where you click, and her current parameters.

Train nice and slowly, or fast and relentlessly.
Or simply stick some sex toys in her, and leave them to do the work.
The choice is yours!

The beat the game:
– Develop her body 100%
– Raise her excitement to 100%
– Lower her resistance to 0%
– Clear conditions required for impregnation, creampie and impregnate her
(Conditions: 75%+ body development, 75%+ excitement, 25% or lower resistance,
and inject an impregnation accelerant)

The game can be enjoyed freely after game completion.

Gain achievements for playing in different ways (ex. lower resistance without violence)


– Breasts, vagina, anal, clitoral development
– Creampie, bukkake
– Impregnation, birthing
– Light ryona (the game can be cleared without violence)


Eva is a captured soldier from Planet E. As an enemy of Planet G, she must be interrogated, and “trained”.
The protagonist is a new trainer, and, along with a manual, gains “experience” by training Eva.
The boss gives orders from a speaker. The protagonist has never met them, but it seems they’re a woman.
  • Original title: エヴァいじり
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: Ebisen Works
  •  Release: Nov/14/2020
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 27.82 MB

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Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)

Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)

Let’s play with Eva ver.1.01 (エヴァいじり)

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