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[Game] Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3

Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3
Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3

Overview :

Full save included
Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required
Internet connection is required for auto-translation to work.

A daily life simulation / fondling game about spending summer break in the countryside with your little sister.

Go to different places around the region. Mountains, rivers, barren lots, candy shops, baths, and more.

Play games, work jobs, and eat food and snacks.

Deepen your relationship with your little sister as you roam about, and get money and items.
The list of things you can do and places you can go just keeps increasing!

H with Freedom
The game has a high level of freedom with the groping and the H!
By getting friendlier with your little sister, she’ll start to accept your lewd requests.

What kind of H?
You can feel up all kinds of spots.
The game is mainly mouse control, but is compatible with keyboard inputs.
Feel with your hands, tease with your mouth, jerk off, and more.
At first, you can only use your hands.
Adult toys and aphrodisiac make an appearance as well.
Put those vibrators to use!
Make her eat a Papuco ice candy, even during the H action.
You can choose to get it all over her face, as well.
Papuco recovers energy, and has a little alcohol in it, which makes people get a bit frisky.
Get that sticky stuff all over her face, clothes, and body.
Flip up her skirt, or slip off those panties. Of course, clothed H is fine too.
Handjob, titjob, fellatio is available too, of course.
What color are her panties today, I wonder?
As you progress, you can buy her new panties, and dress her up as well.
Controls are displays during fondling action, but they can be toggled off.
The more ecchi training you give your little sister, the lewder she becomes.

Fixed the volume of environmental sound being unstable when displaying the cross section. Fixed some conversations after H being strange. Other minor bug fixes, etc.

Added a simple today’s fashion introduction conversation when the ‘Don’t change clothes’ setting for changing clothes is invalid. Fixed some drug effects.

Fixed that the cross section was not processed for some GPUs, and the cross section did not move at the woman on top posture.

December 20, 2020Bug fixesAdd contentImplementation of cross section, addition of medicine with new effect. In addition, model data correction, overflow liquid processing improvement, memory release improvement, bug correction, etc.
November 28, 2020Add contentAddition of dress-up items such as clothes, ribbons for clothes, and skirts (appearing after the 26th day).
November 21, 2020Bug fixesAdd contentDress-up items that can change the color of hair and eyes, implementation of a rotor with a recovery function, correction of other minor bugs, etc.
November 14, 2020Bug fixesAdd contentWith the addition of new items, you can now change the skin color (brown / white wrinkles). Other bug fixes (see README).
November 10, 2020Bug fixesOtherFixed the vibration of unbreakable toys being disabled, added a display of parts when using nutritional supplements, added a guide, added fluctuations of the water surface, etc.
  • Original title: Name
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: BouSoft
  •  Release: Oct/17/2020
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 1.19 GB

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Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3

Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3

Yotogimichi ~Countryside Summer Break with Tapioca-chan~ ver 1.10.3

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