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[Game] Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2

Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2
Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2

Overview Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2:

— The era of swords is over. The era of guns has begun —

A town located in the easternmost area of the kingdom Surplace
once enjoyed its prosperity along with resource exploitation.

A large number of people came here from the central cities in search
of jobs and financial gains. Nowadays they occupy the majority of
the town’s population, driving the original dwellers off the town away.

A bounty hunter steps foot in the town…

////////////////// Gameplay
You ought to search out bounties on the list in the town of criminals Surplace.
Then catch them by winning battles. There are 10 wanted bulletins.

While doing her job as a bounty hunter, Mina’s purpose to come to this town,
whereabouts of a gun broken down into pieces and the true enemy will be revealed.

In this game, it is possible to strengthen equipment using prize money and buy real estate.

< Real Estate >
Normal houses and commercial shops are available for sale.
You can situate home furnishings you bought in normal houses.
Perhaps it leads to a cohabitation life with a woman to be in an erotic relationship.

You can gain additional income and get profit from being the owner of shops when having shops.
But please beware that nonpayment of salaries may result in the shop closing down.

She can also make money in casino, jobs and prostitution.
Somethings can only be attained in casino and jobs.

< Drinking >
Her “level of drunkenness” increases when she drinks alcohol.
It takes about 2 hours to return “level of drunkenness”.
If the level of drunkenness reaches 120, she falls unconscious.
Risks of being r*ped exist in some places.

“Toilet” indicator increases over time and by drinking.
When it is over 50 urination in a restroom is possible.
Depending on how much she eats, defecation is possible as well.

< Toilet >
If she continues walking while “toilet” indicator is 100 for a certain length of time,
she hides from others’ eyes and urinates.

< Pose Art >
During which a pose art is displayed, when you put a mouse cursor on the pose art,
it changes into hand cursor and then you can touch her body. Touching increases excitement level.

< Excitement Level >
“Excitement level” increases upon shameful wearing and H (other than sex).
Sex, masturbation and sleeping decrease excitement level.

* Speed of thrusting can be adjusted in H scenes (with few exceptions).
When a gauge reaches maximum it causes an ejaculation or an orgasm.
On / Off cross-sectional view and H dialogues during speed adjustment switchable.

////////////////// Heroine

A bounty hunter who has a handgun in right hand, steel-made shield in left hand
and a sword once used by her mother in a sword sling on her waist.

A serious hunter bearing grudge against evilness.
But salacious in heart so tends to lose herself in pleasure.

If battles or pose art display is laggy, please turn on “simple display” switch.
The switch can be found in “option” in “menu”.
  • Original title: バウンティハンター3
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: T-ENTA-P
  •  Release: May/18/2018
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 266.77MB

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Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2

Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2

Bounty Hunter 3 ver 1.2

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