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[Game] Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0

Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0
Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0

Overview Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0:

Mylene is a novice adventurer that dreams of using magic to save her sick father.
However, she needs powerful magic and money to accomplish this, and she has neither.

However, she conveniently leans the secret ritual to become a magical warrior…
you don’t need years of training, you just need semen.

Just then, she receives a request to investigate an old temple where monsters have appeared.
This could be her chance to accomplish everything she ever wanted.
To accomplish her goals, it seems she may need to enter a world of perversion…

Game Contents
An orthodox HRPG using the dungeon / town / event cycle dynamic.

You posses two types of magic;
1. Drain magic; Suck out male semen in order to build Myrene’s magic power
2. Photorim magic: Take secret H photos, and sell them to people for money.

As various men impose their warped fetishes on Myrene, she starts to change…

Enemies in the dungeon can be defeated by coming into contact with them once,
and there are no battles. However, this drains your magic, and when it reaches zero,
your HP starts to go down, forcing you to exit.

Becoming a sketch model for a pervert
Becoming a public toilet because the usual ones are broken…
Filthy priest dick peeking through a confessional
Tending to customers at a shop with cum in her mouth…
Becoming a boy’s hypnosis magic partner. While pretending to be hypnotized…
8 endings, each with their own special H…
And more hot scenes to enjoy!
  • Original title: ミレーヌと淫欲の神殿
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: Kira Tama
  •  Release: Dec/09/2020
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 403.58MB

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Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0

Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0

Mylene and the Temple of Lust ver 1.0

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