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[Game] SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25

SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25
SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25

Overview SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25:

Translator Note:
OK, now I got the game fully translated UI and story both.

It was kind of difficult due to necessity to use binary parsing of Unity files and needing Unity itself to redo some meshes and sprites for images. Also there was that nasty inability to run without correct system locale which needed some code hacking to fix. The sex counter titles in the menu are that way (missing letters, misaligment etc) because for some reason devs decided to compile part of the texts into the executable code’s resources so every one of their translations is limited to the same byte-length as the original and Japanese words are often either much shorter or way longer in bytes, so no fix in sight.
But despite all that the game is basically fully translated at this point and can be run without locale emulator.

Previous update:
There are 2 major problems with going further: first is that main menu items are images with custom meshes so you need Unity to recreate them and manual asset dump editing to insert them (only replacing Texture2D images will have parts of them blocked by old meshes) and the second problem is that most of in-game texts are inside MonoBehaviours and need to be extracted and repacked using binary parsing. And there are literally hundreds of them all over various assets which complicates things with manual extracting in UABE while extracting with the other tool just gives incompatible filenames.

Game system
An H simulation game about reuniting with your childhood friend,
and spending your summer vacation having sex with her.

She doesn’t talk much, but she’s full of sexual curiosity.
As her affection builds, she’ll let you do her in various places around the house.
Finally, she may even do THAT with you…?

H situations
– Bring your childhood friend to various places, and have sex wherever you like!
Includes dress-up elements. Unlock school uniform, school swimsuit, naked, sexy underwear, etc.
by fulfilling certain conditions.

– Sex in the bathroom, penetration during homework, from behind during game time,
fellatio while eating ice cream on the deck, and more location specific scenes included!

– Contains a few pixel art H scenes as a bonus

H scenes and parts of the story are fully voiced!
CV: Yuka Hinata

You’re spending a boring summer vacation cooped up in your postage stamp-sized apartment,
when you receive a call from your relative’s mom.
It seems she and her husband are going on a trip, so they want you to come back to the countryside,
and look after your old childhood friend Hazuki for a while.
Well, it certainly beats melting here in the city, so you decide to accept the offer.
So you start preparing for the journey…

Hazuki (CV: Yuka Hinata)

Your childhood friend, however, you haven’t seen her since you were young.
Now she’s in high school, and while she’s a little reserved, she’s very sexually curious.

Game controls:
Alt+Enter: Go full screen
Ctrl (keep pressing): Fast text skipping
Left click: Move/Continue
Right click: Exit
When you get close to something you can check, a menu will appear and you can left click to select it.

Sex scenes:
Left click: Start/Stop/Resume
Right click: Endure (Pause)
When stopped (needs full cycle to work), right click: Quit sex

In extra mode:
1: Advance time by 1 minute
2: Advance time by 15 minutes
3: Advance time by 30 minutes
4: Advance time by 60 minutes

Password for the D-girl: 0707
(hold down left click and drag to see password)

Extra mode activates when you load the game from the Game Cleared save.
  • Original title: Name
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: dieselmine
  •  Release: Jul/19/2020
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 235.88MB

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SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25

SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25

SUMMER – Countryside Sex Life ver 1.02 2020.10.25

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