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[Game] NTR Legend ver 2.6.27

NTR Legend ver 2.6.27
NTR Legend ver 2.6.27

Overview NTR Legend ver 2.6.27:

The married woman next door gets sexually teased during her part-time cleaning job in this pixel-art simulation game.
Become Kuzuo, otherwise known as “The Disaster”, and show her a new kind of happiness!

Yuzuki was living a happy newlywed life, and decided to save up some money for her 1-year marriage anniversary.
Noticing that her neighbor was pretty messy, she offered to help clean up their house as a part-time job.
However, the guy who lived next door was no ordinary man.
He is known as “The Disaster” for his home-wrecking abilities.
How will Yuzuki fair when she steps into this lion’s den?

● Ver 2.6.24 [2020-12-08]

○ Bug fixes
–Phenomenon that the spy camera was not installed
――When you were invited to the next house, you could see the image of a couple sleeping in bed.
–Phenomenon that overlapped with other objects when washing dishes
–Phenomenon that the button is activated when you select the vending machine again after purchasing the costume
–Phenomenon that the portal was pressed on the vending machine UI
–Phenomenon that the speed of hair was abnormal due to the act of washing the nipple

○ Changes
–Reduced Scoin requirements

○ Additional items
–SOLD OUT message added to the purchased costume button
–Added a light game description to the start of the delivery mini-game
――It is now possible to attack next door with LV5 again. (Costume play is also possible.)
–Added the function to exchange money for coins

● Ver 2.6.25 [2021-01-21]

○ Bug fixes
–Phenomenon that the position of furniture when loaded is incorrect
–Phenomenon that costume icon remains
–The phenomenon that calling her in the middle of her night did not leave her sleeping in the room next to her
――Phenomenon that the next couple disappears in SPYCAM at the time of SAVE in some situations
–Phenomenon that could not be purchased at the time of loading without saving after purchasing the license
–Phenomenon that after purchasing a costume at a coin shop, if you load it without saving it, it will become Sold out.
–Phenomenon that the position of a specific position was strange
–Visualize whether Cam, Xray, and Bubble can be turned on and off among H
–Phenomenon that used condoms did not appear
–Phenomenon that the delivery truck sometimes rotates
–Phenomenon that the animation shifts when the missionary and posture positions are at their peak

○ Changes
–Adjust the experience points required for leveling up
–Increase in the amount of money you get from a part-time job
–Code correction for Yuzuki
#Fixed Yuzuki’s code, which eliminated some bugs with her.

● Ver 2.6.26 [2021-03-05]

○ Bug fixes
――Phenomenon that time elapses when you receive an invitation from the next house
–Phenomenon that the image of the couple next door remains and does not disappear
–Phenomenon that the image of the video camera suddenly disappears
–Phenomenon that furniture etc. suddenly disappears
–Phenomenon that the moving radius of the truck is not applied properly
–Change of stress loading method (third correction to prevent overstress)
–Changed the scene conversion method from the title to the game screen

○ Changes
–Slightly adjusted the required experience value
-Increased amount of money earned from part-time job

● Ver 2.6.27 [2021-03-05]

○ Bug fixes
–Phenomenon that the invitation window of the next man did not disappear properly when inviting the next house
  • Original title: NTR伝説
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: GoldenBoy
  •  Release: 2020-07-31
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows
  •  File Size: 515 MB

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NTR Legend ver 2.6.27

NTR Legend ver 2.6.27

NTR Legend ver 2.6.27

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