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[Game] Great Senka

Great Senka download free
Great Senka

Great Senka summary:

Original title: 大センカ
Released: Sep/17/2022
Product format: Action
File size: 259.34 MB
Heroines of the battle to kick off the enemies who are closing in on your base!
A warriors’ erotic action game!
Each heroine is a strong warrior in a different branch of the military, and she alone can hold off the approaching armies.
What awaits the heroines is either a great victory or a desperate disaster…
WASD/←↑↓→ – Movement Movement
Z – Confirm/Select
X – Cancel/Back
Space – Dash
C – Construct a Building
1 – Zoom out
2 – Zoom in
Esc – Pause
Developer Notes:
There are many different ways to fight.:
A variety of weapons, decorations, and installations.
Power up and get around!
Evolutionary weapons are super powerful! Enemies will melt!
Armor Break:
As they take damage, the heroines’ equipment gets torn more and more.
Ero Dots:
All five heroines have extra-large H animations!
The finely detailed dots move lukewarmly.
The miserable end of a defeat:
Heroines who have become prisoners of war.
How will they continue to be treated?
Sep/22/2022 – Bug fixes
Display the number of times you pulled a jackpot with a treasure chest
balance adjustment
Sep/21/2022 – Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that freezes in some areas
Various balance adjustments
Other minor bug fixes
Sep/20/2022 – Bug fixes
Fixed a bug where the total damage calculation was wrong for some weapons
Fixed so that save is not overwritten when overwriting new ver
balance adjustment
Sep/20/2022 – Bug fixes
Bug fixes related to character status
Various balance adjustments
Sep/19/2022 – Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused the game to become unplayable in some cases when the save data was ported.

Link Download Great Senka free here:

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Great Senka Screenshot:

Great Senka download free
Great Senka download free
Great Senka download free
Great Senka download free
Great Senka download free
Great Senka download free
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