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[Game] Sakura Alien 2

Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2

Sakura Alien 2 summary:

Original title: Sakura Alien 2
In this visual novel Takagi Haru is a normal university student with an abundance of love for the stars. As a member of his university’s astronomy club, alongside the sweet but somewhat ditzy Hiyori, Haru means to devote his life to the stars. He doesn’t have any time to mess around with cute girls…
At least, that’s what he always thought – until an alien princess from another planet, Ena, lands on his lap, and declares herself to be his future wife.
Haru ends up taking Ena in, as she has nowhere else to go, and Ena and Hiyori soon hit it off. Now, the three of them are good friends (or perhaps something more) – but malevolent forces are seeking to undermine their relationship.
A new professor has arrived at Haru’s university. Her name is Professor Sakai, and she composes herself in a beautiful, elegant manner. She is undoubtedly alluring, and Haru is soon drawn to her – but Professor Sakai seems to have her sights set on Ena.
Has Professor Sakai discovered Ena’s secret identity as a runaway alien princess – and what does she mean to do with Ena?
That’s something Haru has to figure out, else Ena might soon find herself in a sticky situation.

Link Download Sakura Alien 2 free here:

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Sakura Alien 2 Screenshot:

Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2 download free
Sakura Alien 2 download free
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